We offer the following suite of services:

Public Safety Consulting and Instructional Services: 

Offering public safety consulting services to police and other organizations, agencies and communities working for the betterment of public safety. Instruction, and implementation of law enforcement and public safety related programs and topics.

Conduct and Compliance Investigations:

Officer and employee conduct, or internal investigations, for agencies and departments pertaining to rules, regulations, and conduct guidelines. To uphold the public trust and strengthen professional police, security, and safety operations.

 Background Investigations:

Pre-employment, promotional advancement investigations or related processes for police agencies, businesses, or organizations in need. Background investigations and other processes are tailored to agency specific needs.

 Investigation Services: ​

Private investigations with professional interviews of witnesses, persons of interest, or other involved parties. Related to official inquiries, or civilian entities and organizations. Assist to information support processes, records location, examination, or retrieval. Other investigations considered.

Court Cases:

Aid to law firms, agencies, and organizations, with case presentation to Vermont Courts or other quasi-judicial bodies.

 Protective, security service:

Executive, dignitary protection, personal security, and general security services are available.